Beck Lane
Part of Scootertown's residential neighborhood
Part of Scootertown's residential neighborhood
Recent town map
Recent town map
One of the first covers
Inside cover illustration
Scootertown seal
Pg 3: Jimmy
Sketch of Jimmy
Pg 4: Bugsy
Pg 5 Character key
Portrait of characters
Jimmy in his living room
Pg 6: Jimmy dreaming up stories
Sketches of Jimmy
Pg 7: The Turtle Home
Pg 8 Max being taught love
Jack's house, the Harington house
Pg 9: Jack's house, the Harington House
Pg 10 Jack's house
Pg 11
Pg 12 How Jack's anger builds
Pg 13 Jack runs away
Pg 14: Jack not watching where he's running
Pg 15: Jack running scared
Stories from Scootertown: King of the Pickles!
Scooter monument
Scooter, Honeybear & Bugsy
Scooter & Honeybear
A few 3D paper projects
Let's Make!
Let's Make!
Max taking a shower
Jimmy taking a bath
Dixie taking a bath
Joel taking a bath
Let's Make!
Dixie's house in 3 D
Dixie's house in 3 D
Let's Make!
Dixie in the kitchen baking!
3D project of Dixie at home baking!
Dixie in the craft room
Dixie writing out invites
3D project of Max, Joel & the Turtle House!
Max & Dixie n the reading Teepee!
Let's go fly a kite!
Jimmy's tent!
Rug design
My drawing desk
A wreath made for a 3D project!
A group of (paper) rugs
Sorting thru drawings to make pages
Let's Make!
My drawing desk!
Let's Make!
A mouse & his parent
A 3D paper project
Pic of several 3D paper projects
Sketches of Bugsy
Jack & Joel making a sail boat!
Jimmy & Honeybear boating!
Max & Honeybear boating!
Joel as a baby
The 2nd floor in Joel's house
Joel sewing in his living room
The 1st floor in Joel's house
A 3D card/project
Detail from a card/project
Detail from a card/project
Putting together pages & sceens to be photographed
Putting together pages & sceens to be photographed

"Stories from Scootertown"

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